Trophy Hunting Safaris South Africa

The cicadas have gone quiet but the pesty little Mopane bees are still crawling into your ears, nose and other more uncomfortable sweaty places, but you are hardly aware of it, because this is your long awaited South African hunting safari.

As you look down at the large hoofprint with the blob of pink blood next to it, you know buffalo don’t follow the script.  The 500 grain bullet through the chest and lungs should have ended your African Hunting Safari.  Buffalo obviously don’t comprehend death.  

Even as you’re leaving the Mopane shrub to crawl down the sandy river embankment with your PH and team you cannot help wondering what Diana the goddess of hunting has planned for you.  Maybe you should’ve visited the sandy tropical beaches like the wife suggested?

Then you see him.  The old dagga bull.  His head with the massive bosses facing towards you, the pink foam around his mouth, showing his anger.  He died where he turned himself into the hunter waiting in ambush for you.

The loose relaxing feeling running from your stomach to your head as the adrenaline flows out of your muscles make you realise the effort was worth the result.  You sit down in the sand next to your trophy buffalo, a cold one in your hand, contemplating the words of Ruark: “You will hunt buffalo until you are dead, because there is something about them that makes intelligent people into complete idiots.  Like me.  They are the only beast in Africa that can make my stomach turn like it rolls over when you’ve had too much grog and don’t know whether the bed will stay there for you.  You will hunt more buffalo!”  

Once again you realise that you won’t feel the sand of tropical beaches under your feet anytime soon.


Plainsgame and Dangerous Game Safaris in South Africa

This is the addictive African Trophy Hunting Safari Paw Print Safaris presents to overseas hunters.  We want you to experience the passion and emotion only the Dark Continent of Hemmingway, Ruark and Capstick can bring you.   We are eager to spoil you with true South African hospitality.

If you are an overseas hunting enthusiast with a taste for the finer things in life, then Paw Print is the place to enjoy one of the oldest activities on earth.  Whether you are a rifle or bowhunter, experienced or a first time hunter, we will do our utmost to turn your South African hunting safari into an unforgettable experience, implanted into your memory like a Paw Print.

Our main concession is situated in the Alldays region of the Limpopo Province of South Africa.    The Limpopo Province is known as the number one area for hunting in South Africa and it enjoys a pleasant climate for most of the year.  

We offer plainsgame hunting as well as dangerous game safaris.  Although we mainly hunt in Limpopo, we also offer safaris in all other South African provinces.  We are able to cater for hunting safaris in neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Our well designed standard hunting packages are competitive with no hidden costs.  We also offer tailor made packages to suit individual needs and a Professional Hunter (PH) is always available to assist and advise. Paw Print subscribes to sound environmental and safety practices and we firmly believe in ethical hunting and in conservation through utilization.  

Paw Print’s main target market is the American and European hunting community.  From the moment your plane touches down in Africa until it takes off again, you will receive the royal treatment, from luxury accommodation, to scrumptious food, to an unforgettable hunting experience.  Whether you prefer a bow or a bullet, Paw Print makes hunting visions a reality.